Curled Up Carriers Offer Affordable and Adorable Baby Carriers

Buying a new carrier for your baby is an exciting experience. Although many experts list the benefits of wearing your baby, pricey high end carriers can leave many parents discouraged. By choosing a carrier created by Curled Up Carriers, you are choosing a customizable carrier that offers handcrafted quality at an affordable price.

Each Curled Up Carrier is lovingly handmade by the owner, a work at home mom or WAHM. Her attention to detail yields a carrier that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable and reinforced. For safety, the straps of the Mei Tai are double reinforced. The carrier was also top stitched all the way around to give it a clean look.

Curled Up Carriers are designed to last into toddler-hood. The body is longer than many Mei Tais on the market today to accommodate a larger child. If you have a young baby, you can adjust the carrier by rolling up the bottom before tying it around your waist. I have successfully used my Curled Up Carrier for my 5 month old and my almost 3 year old. Both children fit comfortably. The wide straps support and distribute the weight of the child without adding bulk to the carrier.

Another benefit of buying a mei tai from Curled Up Carriers is the affordable price. Since you are buying directly from the “momufacturer” you save money that would normally be profit for a middle man. Curled Up Carriers also frequently runs sales to save you additional money. trucking business opportunity

Perhaps the best thing about a Curled Up Carrier is that it is made just for you! When you buy a Curled Up Carrier, you will choose every element that goes into your new carrier. You can choose the strap color and length (short, average, long). Then you choose the patterned fabric for the outside panel. Nicole carries a big variety of fabric that changes all the time. If you would prefer a reversible carrier, then you can choose two fabrics for an additional charge. If you have something else in mind, you can contact the owner. She will work with you to find a fabric that you will love.

For a small additional charge, you can have a pocket added to your carrier. The pocket isn’t only convenient for toting around your wallet while carrying your little one. It doubles as a bag for your carrier. Getting the entire carrier to fit into the pocket can be tricky at first. The easiest way to accomplish this is to roll up the straps first. Then turn the pocket inside out and stuff the rolled up straps in followed by the body of the carrier. The finished product will be a tight little handful of bag that could easily fit into a standard diaper bag.

If a Curled Up Carrier sounds just right for you, head over to the online shop currently found in the WAHM section of The owner will be happy to answer any question you have. With a fast turn around time, you will not be disappointed with your Curled Up Carrier.


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