Google AdSense For Domains is Here – Can You Really Make Money With Parked Domains?

Google AdSense for domains is a relatively new service recently launched by Google. It’s a way to monetize your parked domains. But, is it really possible to make money with parked domains?

Firstly, what are parked domains? These are domains that you have purchased in the past, that you have not started using for any purpose. Typically what happens is you purchase a domain from a domain registrar like GoDaddy or namecheap and until you actually Making The Most of Google Adsense¬†using the site (by uploading your website), the registrars actually place their own ad’s on there.

So if any visitor happens to arrive on your website during this period of time before you upload a website, all they will find is the domain registrar ad’s.

Usually the domain registrar will NOT give you any share of the revenue if an ad is clicked by the visitor unless you sign up for their “revenue service” which in many cases involves a charge. So you have to pay for the privilege of loading their ad’s on your website if you want a share of the revenue.

AdSense for domains (and other similar services) give you a better solution. They offer a free (in most cases) way to put some content on your website and to keep a share of the revenue produced by visitors clicking on the ad’s.

In the case of Google AdSense for domains they allow you to “describe” the type of website you are seeking in order that the content is targeted to the users search. For example, if the user was searching for car loans, you could make this the theme of the content on the website, and the ads would be “car loan” related.

Using it, is simplicity itself, just enter the keyword and Google does a good job (as they have always done with their AdSense content) of making the site related to the keyword. Then if any user finds your website in the search engine results it will be related to the theme that they were searching on.

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